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    Jade will be performing in the piano bar on the following cruises:

    March 19 – April 3, 2018 – Carnival Legend
    April 13 – 29, 2018 – Carnival Spirit
    June 25 – July 5, 2018 – Carnival Spirit
    November 30 – December 17, 2018 – Carnival Legend
    December 27, 2018 – January 8, 2019 – Carnival Legend

    Spirit and Legend depart from Sydney, Australia
    Fantasy departs from Alabama, USA

    Book a cruise
    Carnival Spirit and Legend: www.carnival.com
    Carnival Fantasy: www.icruise.com


    Jade’s newest covers album, Jukebox Jade, is now available to download from iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!

    It was launched late 2016 on the Carnival Legend, where guests on board were given a special opportunity to buy the very first copies of a limited edition run.

    Jukebox Jade will be the first of what will be many compilations of the most requested songs Jade performs at Piano Bar.

    The Musician Speaks: Available Online

    We are super excited to announce that The Musician Speaks is now available for you to view on the Channel 31 YouTube page.

    You can find all six episodes on YouTube.

    We hope you enjoy the show. Why not share your favourite episode with your family and friends?


    The Musician Speaks is a 30 minute music performance television program featuring the creme of the Australian and international music scene.

    Season one is comprised of six episodes which were aired on Channel 31 in Melbourne and Channel 44 in Adelaide. The show will now be launched online for a global audience.

    Jade Leonard, host and performer in the show, is creating a performance platform for television that currently does not exist in the Australian market, celebrating the musical genius that exists but we often do not get to see and hear.

    Each episode features one extraordinarily talented musician or ensemble who have the opportunity to tell you their story in their own time. Through songs they are invited to tell us any story of their choosing. The story could also be told through their unreleased songs, songs that have inspired them, changed them or impacted their career or life. You’ll have to watch to find out!

    This show will take you on a journey of discovery of musicians you know and some you won’t. Prepare to be moved and inspired!



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    • Thanks Jade for another fantastic night onboard the Carnival Spirit!

    • For reasons unrelated to my job as a performer, I didn’t have a great day yesterday. Then I go to work to do something I genuinely love to do, which always lifts my spirits, and I find a note from a stranger in my tip jar at the end of my night. Suffice to say, your note also made my day. Thank you kind stranger! 💕🎹💕🎹💕🎹💕🎹💕🎹💕🎹💕

    • People of the WORLD! I’m offering a very limited number of singing lessons ONLINE! That’s right, I’m going to use the technology. That means you can learn from anywhere in the world. This will be a first for me, so lessons will be offered at a DISCOUNTED RATE for people who want to have vocal lessons online. Please email me if you’re interested and would like more information - I’ll shoot you through my info sheet. Hope to sing with you soon! More info: http://www.jadeleonard.com/vocal-lessons/learn-to-sing

    • For those who like to sing a long at piano bar! You know it’s good for you! 💕🎤💕🎤💕🎤💕🎤💕🎤💕🎤💕

    • :: JUKEBOX JADE VOL 2 :: A little sneak peak inside Newmarket Studios in North Melbourne! What songs made it to the studio? Was it one of your favorites? Argh! The anticipation! I was thrilled to have enough time to record this original tune - ‘I See You’. I’m so looking forward to releasing all FOURTEEN tracks!! It was a mammoth two days recording but Lil is the most epic of sound engineers and makes session time a breeze. The album will be launched on June 25, onboard Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Spirit. Lucky cruisers will be the first to be able to purchase one of a very limited run of hard-copy albums. Tracks will be available for download in all the usual places in July.

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    Jade's live music TV program The Musician Speaks is online globally! Keep up to date with the latest news at www.themusicianspeaks.com
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