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    Upcoming Cruises


    Jade will be performing in the piano bar on the following cruises:

    Nov 22 – Dec 6 2017 – Carnival Legend
    March 19 – Apr 3 2018 – Carnival Legend
    April 13 – 29 2018 – Carnival Spirit

    To book a cruise with Carnival: www.carnival.com


    Jade’s newest covers album, Jukebox Jade, is now available to download from iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!

    It was launched late 2016 on the Carnival Legend, where guests on board were given a special opportunity to buy the very first copies of a limited edition run.

    Jukebox Jade will be the first of what will be many compilations of the most requested songs Jade performs at Piano Bar.

    The Musician Speaks: Available Online

    We are super excited to announce that The Musician Speaks is now available for you to view on the Channel 31 YouTube page.

    You can find all six episodes on YouTube.

    We hope you enjoy the show. Why not share your favourite episode with your family and friends?


    The Musician Speaks is a 30 minute music performance television program featuring the creme of the Australian and international music scene.

    Season one is comprised of six episodes which were aired on Channel 31 in Melbourne and Channel 44 in Adelaide. The show will now be launched online for a global audience.

    Jade Leonard, host and performer in the show, is creating a performance platform for television that currently does not exist in the Australian market, celebrating the musical genius that exists but we often do not get to see and hear.

    Each episode features one extraordinarily talented musician or ensemble who have the opportunity to tell you their story in their own time. Through songs they are invited to tell us any story of their choosing. The story could also be told through their unreleased songs, songs that have inspired them, changed them or impacted their career or life. You’ll have to watch to find out!

    This show will take you on a journey of discovery of musicians you know and some you won’t. Prepare to be moved and inspired!

    Jade releases Equal Love single

    0681 JAL Equal Love CD Cover - red_FA2 - 1600x1600

    In support of equal marriage for all Australians, Jade has released a single which will become the theme song for the Equal Love campaign.

    100% of profits from sales will be donated to Equal Love so they can continue to lobby the government so that all Australians can marry and be equal citizens regardless of gender or sexual identity.

    The track features Dolly Diamond and Luke Gallagher and a stellar band: Cameron Thomas, Michelle Parsons, Sonja Horbelt, Gregory Craske and Luke Keogh.

    Support marriage equality! Get the MP3 from all leading online music retailers, including iTunes here: www.itunes.apple.com

    You can pick up the ringtone for iPhones on iTunes too.


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    • Exciting times! I'll be co-hosting The Paul Anthony Show on JOY 94.9 this afternoon 4-6:30pm, chatting all things life and times with - you guessed it - The Paul Anthony. Wonderful guests, fabulous hosts! Tune in globally here: Http://www.joy.org.au Send us a cheerio here:

    • Cat's outta the bag. Trevor Jones - Entertainer is my very special guest for today's piano bar live from his piano room in sunny Brisvegas. Any minute now! Hang on to your undies!!

    • Chinese medicine tells us: 3-5pm is the time of the bladder when metabolic wastes move into the kidney’s filtration system. This is the perfect time to study or complete brain-challenging work. Another cup of tea is advised as is drinking a lot of water to help aid detoxification processes. Feeling irritated or timid may also occur at this time. Piano Bar Live squirrel tells us: 3-5pm Avoid irritation and timidity by keeping an eye out for some Sunday arvo fun times on your feed around this time. This is the perfect time to drink effervescent drinks and make ridiculous song requests. Another glass of champagne is advised as this will add to the celebratory vibe. Feeling joyous and demanding may occur during this time.

    • Werd on the streetz is:: Piano Bar Live will happen sometime Sunday. Here's a few hints as to my super special guest, any thoughts who it might be?!

    • When your students, who were once nervous first-time performers, end up on a national tour with 100K+ views on their YouTube clips. #Proud Onya Dana Scully. You're doin good kid. XX https://www.youtube.com/embed/vSA1xvK0ws0

  • The Musician Speaks

    Jade's NEW live music TV program The Musician Speaks is launching online globally! Keep up to date with the latest news at www.themusicianspeaks.com
  • JJJ Unearthed

    Jade's latest single "Joan of Arc" has hit #7 on the Triple J Unearthed charts!

    Only six more spots to get to #1 and hopefully airplay!

    Jade still needs your help - here's what you can do:

    1. Listen to, rate and comment on Jade's tracks on the unearthed website: www.triplejunearthed.com/jadeleonard

    2. Whenever you're bored, send an SMS to JJJ onair and request Joan of Arc by Jade Leonard: 0439 757 555

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