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Sleeping and Getting Around in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Hoi Pho Hotel

Chirstmas at Hoi Pho Hotel!Hoi Pho Hotel

627 (04 Old) Hai Ba Trung St

For two and a half months we lived at Hoi Pho. The staff are attentive and friendly. Our room was clean, spacious, light filled and had a balcony – perfect for a long stay. Small rooms start at $10. Our room was $15 and could sleep 3 people, however we negotiated a $10 per night rate as we were long term guests. Hai Ba Trung is a busy street and it was on occasion very noisy in our room late at night. Comparatively, we spent 2 weeks at Thien Nga around the corner for $25 per night in a much smaller room, but it was quite, had a pool and over looked rice paddies instead of the street. I would happily take a room at Hoi Pho again over Thien Nga in the future, simply because of the cost saving.

Me on said bike on the way home from La Plage - covered from the sun in the typical Hoi An way!

Bike Hire

Hire bikes from the vendor across the road from Hoi Pho hotel, on the corner of Thanh Binh 2 hotel. If you are hiring for several days, you should be able to negotiate 10,000VND per day rate. Pay in advance if you don’t want him chasing you down the street every day! He will also pump up your tires every few days.


Recently stayed in a great value hotel in Hoi An? Please feel free to add your comments below.

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