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  • Jade Leonard Music Scholarship

    $1000 scholarship for private music tuition
    All students studying VCE or VET music are eligible

    As part of her commitment to accessibility in music education, Jade Leonard is offering a $1000 scholarship to a student studying VCE or VET music. The scholarship will be paid directly to your secondary school, music school or private tutor to pay for private music tuition during 2018.

    The scholarship is open to all vocal, instrumental, solo, group, contemporary and classical students studying Year 11 or Year 12 (Units 1, 2, 3 & 4) music in Victoria in 2018. Year 10 students who are enrolled to study Year 11 or Unit 1 & 2 music are also eligible to apply.





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    • Application Criteria

      You MUST download and read the following document thoroughly and ensure that you have all aspects covered before applying for the Jade Leonard Music Scholarship.

      >> DOWNLOAD the Application Criteria Document (PDF)

  • Jade Leonard Music Scholarship 2018

    $1000 scholarship for private music tuition – all students studying VCE or VET music are eligible.

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