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    Jade’s newest covers album, Jukebox Jade Vol 2, is now available to download from iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!

    The Musician Speaks: Available Online

    We are super excited to announce that The Musician Speaks is now available for you to view on the Channel 31 YouTube page.

    You can find all six episodes on YouTube.

    We hope you enjoy the show. Why not share your favourite episode with your family and friends?


    The Musician Speaks is a 30 minute music performance television program featuring the creme of the Australian and international music scene.

    Season one is comprised of six episodes which were aired on Channel 31 in Melbourne and Channel 44 in Adelaide. The show will now be launched online for a global audience.

    Jade Leonard, host and performer in the show, is creating a performance platform for television that currently does not exist in the Australian market, celebrating the musical genius that exists but we often do not get to see and hear.

    Each episode features one extraordinarily talented musician or ensemble who have the opportunity to tell you their story in their own time. Through songs they are invited to tell us any story of their choosing. The story could also be told through their unreleased songs, songs that have inspired them, changed them or impacted their career or life. You’ll have to watch to find out!

    This show will take you on a journey of discovery of musicians you know and some you won’t. Prepare to be moved and inspired!


    • VCE and VET Music Performance Examinations are nearly here! Brush up on your performance technique and get some feedback from an industry professional. All styles and instruments welcome to attend. https://www.jadeleonard.com/vocal-lessons/vce-masterclasses

    • Need some career direction assistance? I regularly mentor arts based and creative professionals, helping them to achieve their goals as free lancers and small business owners. Sessions can be arranged online or in person if you are based in Melbourne. More info in the link below, or feel free to drop me a PM with any questions!

    • If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me here these days! 🧡🐴🧡

    • Sneaky set at Edenhope Draught Horse Festival! Had a career first and followed a live demonstration of hand clipped sheep sheering, tough act to follow!

    • So proud of this poppet! One of my previous singing students Karli Dinardo tearing up the stage for Opera Australia, after a highly successful few years studying and performing in Hamilton in the US. She’s also starring with her equally talented sister who I also taught - Luca Dinardo. Double trouble! Amazing work Karli and Luca - I’m thrilled to have been a part of your journeys! 💕

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    Jade's live music TV program The Musician Speaks is online globally! Keep up to date with the latest news at www.themusicianspeaks.com
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